Fullstack Engineer - All Levels

Job description

We are a startup building a platform that’s going to redefine how law firms consume legal tech. We are currently working on product definition and have 13 of the top law firms in the world as consortium members. This is how we see it - the plethora of legal tech offerings have skyrocketed in the last two years but the law firms still find it difficult to embrace them due to infrastructure, security and compliance issues. We are going to build a platform that’s going to let law firms consolidate their on-prem, data centre and cloud resources under a single kubernetes plane and let them deploy “edge” apps, focussed built-for-purpose, on it. Kubernetes and container orchestration will take care of scaling, disaster recovery, HA. We will provide benefits like unified subscription management, vendor compliance and security testing, application firewall in a tightly integrated first class user experience as part of the platform.


As a Fullstack Engineer, you will be contributing to the build of the core web platform, architecture, design and microservices.


You will be proficient in Javascript/Typescript and/or Go/Python. You have extensive experience in light web frameworks like Flask/Gin. You have significant understanding of stateful UI and have dealt with and implemented stateful UIs using React or Vue. You understand messaging queues, async and sync, job queues. Experience with Elasticsearch certainly an asset.